What are the best wood routers?

What are the best wood routers?

Woodwork, despite what the name suggests, isn’t really work at all. Yes it can be difficult, yes it requires patience and yes it requires study but still it is not work. Woodwork is a forgotten art for the majority of people but thankfully it’s making a comeback.

Woodwork, or carpentry is the traditional skill of transforming raw materials into useful pieces. This can be anything from artwork to furniture and for a true carpenter there are no limits.

Carpentry as a profession is nowadays quite rare. Machinery has replaced a lot of the craft and instead there are more hobbyists than true professionals. People are discovering just how relaxing and rewarding working with their hands can be, once they’ve put down the mouse and finished typing on the keyboard for the day.

It’s a true escape into themselves and the opportunity to practice a real life skill that has a number of uses. There’s also money to be made if you have the time and patience to really hone your skill.

Woodworking and carpentry isn’t about what you produce, but it’s about the way you do it. If you haven’t tried it before you really have to and I guarantee you’ll instantly see what you’re missing.

The Best Wood Routers

Dewalt wood routerBefore you just straight in and start hacking away at old pieces of wood you need to consider how to be most effective. A carpenter is only as good as his tools, and one of the most important tools is a router.

Router tables are used to slice and cut different sized pieces of wood into a range of shapes. A blade, which can spin at up to 24,000 rpm, is attached to a table and the wood can be slid over the top. Router tables mean it’s never been easier to get involved with woodwork.

As with any tools you need to find the right one. Unfortunately there are a lot of router tables out there and not all of them are really up to scratch. If you want to find an efficient and affordable router then you’ll need to know what to look for.

Your first concern should always be safety. Any tool in the wrong hands can be dangerous, but even the wrong tool in the right hands can cause some issues. The best router tables have been designed so that even beginners can use them, so look for the safety features first.

Then you want to find a table that works well. Check the power of the router and the materials used. You’ll want a sturdy table that will allow for accurate, even and consistent cutting of the wood. User reviews are often a great way to separate the good from the bad with hardware.

Finally you’ll want to look for some value. A great router table doesn’t have to cost a lot so don’t feel like you have to buy the expensive brands. Just take your time and stick to your budget, you’ll be able to find something that does the job.

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